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The Wooden Horse of Troy

Carpentius the carpenter, has his bag packed and is waiting for the boat that will take him home after ten years of war. As he has a bit of time, and an audience, and Carpentius loves an audience, he tells us how he helped, with his skills as a carpenter, to win the war with the Trojans. He tells of the background for the war, the events, the battles and all those involved, including a host of squabbling Gods; Aphrodite, Hermes, Hera and Athene, the Heroes; Odysseus and Achilles, and Royalty; King Priam, Queen Hecuba, King Menelaus and, of course, Helen, the most beautiful woman in the world and, the man at the centre of the Trojan War, Paris, Prince of Troy.

The wooden horse of troy is performed by Clive Holland, and is a fast paced, humorous look at one of the great Greek tales of love, war and intrigue. Homer’s Illiad, written some hundreds of years after the Trojan War, is an epic poem based on several oral tales that were told for centuries by travelling storytellers in ancient Greece.

I Have Lost Myself …

by Clive Holland

I Have Lost Myself ...

A brain rides on a train. A traveller forgets where he is. Two neurons go into a pub. Roads fall off a map. A man remembers only things that never happened.

I Have Lost Myself … uses text, sound, images and action to take you on a befuddled adventure through the shattered world of Alzheimer’s Disease.

A non-linear fragmented narrative blunders through a diseased brain, a sketchy biography of Alzheimer’s Disease and the erratic memory of an unreliable narrator.